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Our website matches Training & Service Providers across Australia with the thousands of people who are actively looking to develop themselves, their careers and further their professional lives. SAFETY, TRAINING & PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT is what we are all about.


We provide a quick and easy solution to finding transport and related industrial training licence courses in your area, to keep track of licences, passes, permits, and all things training and transport related in an extremely easy to use mobile app and platform, with your own notes. You can even add the vehicles you have driven, or machines you have operated in the past.

If you are searching for training to get your Car licence, Truck licence, Bus licence or Machinery Tickets like Forklift, Bobcat, Loader, Crane, OHS training, First aid, Green Card, Blue Card, Maritime Security Identification Card and many more? Then look no further as you will probably be able to find a provider with a great deal local to you on this site.

For those with many, many licences and permits, this website makes it easier to manage those licences, tickets, permits and passes. Register and Manage Your Tickets and Licences here >>

For Training & Services Providers;

This website provides a vehicle for the industry to market and promote your business and services.

You will have full access to your own control panel where you can log in and control your own listings, upload logo's and photographs as well as text about your courses and services.

If you do provide services to the transport industry, around safety, training and compliance, Register Your Company here >> and put yourself in front of those searching online for what you offer.

Transport Australia.com.au Pty Ltd was greatly honoured to be.

1.  A 2015 FINALIST in The Smart Awards.

2.  The Award for Excellence in Transport and Logistics.

3.  The Award for Excellence in Event, Humanitarian or Military Logistics.

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We believe there’s a need for a centralised information website that contains all available information in the industry on training and assessment, so people can make well informed choices and that is why we built TransportAustralia.com.au.

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